TWU Employee Policy Updates

In September 2015, four new employee-friendly policies were announced. Below, we briefly summarize each and provide links to additional information. 

Flex Work

Texas Woman’s University endeavors to foster a work environment that maximizes productivity and flexibility for supervisors and staff. Therefore, the University supports the use of Flex Work schedules that are designed to meet the operational and customer service needs of the university to ensure that business needs are met.

“Flex Work” is an arrangement that offers flexibility in arrival, departure and/or lunch times. Flex Work permits an employee to work a predetermined and preapproved variation of the employee’s standard work schedule.

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Recognition Leave

Paid time off may be granted to employees as a reward for outstanding performance as documented by an employee performance evaluation or to employees that have made exceptional contributions in the performance of special projects of importance.

Outstanding performance does not guarantee Recognition Leave. Recognition Leave must be recommended by the supervisor and the approval documented on the Recognition Leave Application and Approval Form. The division Vice President maintains approval authority for the granting of Recognition Leave within that division. No more than 32 hours of Recognition Leave may be granted to an employee per fiscal year. Recognition Leave may be granted at a minimum of eight hour increments and can be up to 32 hours based on the complexity and length of the project.

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Affinity Groups

Texas Woman’s University recognizes that Affinity Groups have the potential to connect faculty and staff with each other and with the university. The definition of an Affinity Group is a collection of faculty and staff who actively engage in communication and/or gather around a central unifying purpose, mission, background, or activity.

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Pets at Work

Texas Woman’s University is concerned about a healthy work-life balance for our employees. To promote a positive employment experience TWU will allow certain pets on campus. A pet may only be allowed in the office if its health and behavior are acceptable within an office setting, and if it does not adversely affect office operations.

Pets at work are defined as confined non-toxic small fish, birds, amphibians, (frogs, toads, salamanders) and turtles. Secondarily, dogs at university offices are allowed on special occasions only as defined by the university. Additionally, all pets will be allowed on campus outside of official university working hours of 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday, including weekends. A pet owner wishing to bring a pet to the office should first notify his or her immediate supervisor. Any decision to allow a pet to come to the office, or to exclude a pet from the office, will be made by the pet owner’s immediate supervisor.

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