Updates from the Staff Council President

Written by Michelle Kelly Reeves

Welcome back from Staff Council! We are excited to kick off the Spring 2016 semester and want you to know we are continuing to work hard to make TWU an excellent place to work and grow professionally!  I wanted to take a moment to let you know what we will be tackling this semester:

  • Communication: Staff Council has been committed to increased and improved communication in an effort to encourage open dialogue and improve institutional functions. In addition to our normal monthly meetings, regular meetings have been established with Human Resources, Faculty Senate and, beginning in February 2016, the Chancellor. Meetings times have been adjusted to accommodate more staff and Staff Council members have served on multiple university-wide committees and/or programs throughout the year. In addition, the newsletter has been updated and the website now allows staff to view any general meetings they have missed. Our mission is to be a voice reflective of staff on all campuses and in all departments.
  • Donuts and Coffee Social: To encourage staff to meet and network with one another, we will be hosting a come and go Donuts and Coffee Social on Tuesday, February 2, from 8:30am to 10:30am in the 2nd floor lobby of ACT.
  • Dual Employment Policy: Staff Council has been working with Faculty Senate and Human Resources to craft a dual employment policy for the university that is ethical and fair to all TWU employees. We should have recommendations ready to bring forth in February 2016.
  • Performance Evaluation Changes: Staff Council served on 2 committees responsible for the revision of the performance evaluation process. Training and changes will begin January 2016. In 2017, it is anticipated that merit pay will be tied to performance evaluations.
  • Staff Development Grant: Staff consistently request opportunities for professional staff development. However, we also recognize that departmental and personal resources are often limited. In an effort to reduce this barrier, Staff Council is creating a Staff Development Grant which will be initiated in Spring 2016. We hope the success of this program will serve as a pilot program that can expand its reach over time. Look for more details on how the grant can help, the application/award process, etc. in the near future.
  • Strategic Planning: As TWU completes its Strategic Plan, Staff Council will use it to determine priorities for the next academic year and align financial resources accordingly.

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