Staff Spotlight: Roland Love

Untitled design (21).pngRoland Love, TWU Houston Campus DPS Guard Supervisor, began at TWU in 2001. When asked what he enjoyed most about working at TWU, Roland quickly responded, “In our profession, whether it is security or law enforcement, image is perception. So, not only are we here to protect and serve, but we are also able to influence and persuade people in a positive way. Words cannot explain the smiles and appreciations we get during graduation from students, faculty and staff.”

This is Roland’s third year on TWU Staff Council and he enjoys addressing both staff and TWU issues. Roland’s position requires that he be a problem solver…he is also a difference maker! That is how Roland sees Staff Council, too. He is proud to be part of a group of staff willing to take a stand, tackle tough issues and attempt to make TWU the best university in the country! He loves the continuous challenges that Staff Council embraces on behalf of staff and TWU.

A fun memory Roland has is at graduation when a student was escorted by her seeing-eye-dog. Every time Dr. Stuart would begin to speak, the dog would bark. He remembers the laughter and smiles that day.  And while Roland enjoys those moments of fun and laughter, he remains prepared for more serious issues. Some of his training includes Baton, CPR, Shot-gun and Conscious Choking. These (and other) trainings allow Roland to respond in emergency situations, such as when he saved a choking victim at a birthday party.

Roland’s hobbies include reading about history, science and religion. He loves all sports, playing chess and riding his bike. Roland’s greatest passion is truth: telling the truth and seeking it.

Thank you, Roland, for your service on Staff Council and at TWU!


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