Updates from the Staff Council President

We love staff (corny I know, but it is February). The Spring semester is always busy and that includes the staff who volunteer their time and efforts for Staff Council. I want to give you an update on what we are working on:

  • Staff Demographic Survey: Very soon, you will be asked to complete a voluntary and anonymous demographic survey for Staff Council. The goal is for us to work with TWU to have a clearer picture of who Staff is and what our needs are. As we move towards more data driven decision making, Staff Council wants to represent staff accurately and to better communicate this to administration, faculty and students. Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated!
  • Dual Employment Policy: Staff Council has been working with Faculty Senate and Human Resources to craft a dual employment policy for the university that is ethical and fair to all TWU employees. Look for Staff Council recommendations during the February General Meeting. In the meantime, if you have any comments, questions or concerns, feel free to email me at mreeves@twu.edu.
  • Performance Evaluation Changes: I hope you were able to attend one of the initial trainings on the new performance evaluation process for staff. We strongly encourage you to be actively involved in setting mutually agreed upon goals with your supervisor this year as the evaluation process will be tied to merit pay by Fall 2016. Also, be on the lookout for additional training sessions sponsored by Human Resources this spring as we navigate this new process together.
  • Staff Development Grant: Staff consistently request opportunities for professional staff development. However, we also recognize that departmental and personal resources are often limited. In an effort to reduce this barrier, Staff Council is creating a Staff Development Grant which will be initiated in Spring 2016. We hope the success of this program will serve as a pilot program that can expand its reach over time. Look for more details on how the grant can help, the application/award process, etc. in the near future.
  • Strategic Planning: As TWU completes its Strategic Plan, Staff Council will use it to determine priorities for the next academic year and align financial resources accordingly.
  • Donuts and Coffee Social:  We had our social on the Denton campus Feb. 2 and it was a great success! Thank you for letting us show you how much you are appreciated!

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