Staff Spotlight: Christina Williams

Chris WilliamsStaff Council is proud to spotlight Christina Williams! She  has worked for TWU for 16 years and held seven different positions within the Facilities Management & Construction department during that time. She is currently the Manager of Facilities Business & Support Services, a role in which she oversees University fleet management, as well as internal departmental functions including personnel management, budgeting, procurement, technology, and student employment. She also serves as liaison and departmental representative on committees and is responsible for executive reporting to TWU Administration and various agencies.

As an employee in Facilities Management & Construction, Christina has had the opportunity to get every type of call imaginable. One of her favorite memories is a call received from a staff member more than  a decade ago. The staff person wanted to know who was responsible for cleaning the turtles in the Texas Pond, as several of the turtles seemed to have fungus growing on their shells. Christina was rendered speechless for a moment (a rarity she claims!) and had to stifle laughter while explaining to the caller that, though  occasionally they relocate some of the wildlife on campus, they are not responsible for their care.

Christina attended TWU as a student and says she has loved watching the university grow over the years. In particular, she appreciates the opportunity to be a part of TWU’s family-oriented community.

Christina has served as a Staff Council member for approximately six months and was previously on the Council from 2007 – 2009. She loves the opportunity to work with staff members throughout the university and to hear their ideas and recommendations for improvements. Christina adds that she especially loves working on issues “that might be improved upon to ensure that TWU is a leader with regard to employment.”

Furthermore, Christina’s passion in life is spending time with her large and boisterous family. She is married, is the mother of two beautiful and creative young women, and is a grandmother to two rambunctious toddlers. Photography has always been a passion of Christina’s and she admits to relentlessly taking photographs of her grandchildren, her new favorite subjects.


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