2016 Spring Supervisory Training Program

The following memo was sent via email to staff on March 30, 2016, from Melissa Ozuna, Manager of Human Resources Employee Development & Communications

Spring 2016 Supervisory Training Program 
This Supervisory Training Program gives employees the essential skills to become successful leaders, supervisors, and coaches at TWU. These skills can have a magnified impact on the efficiency of workflow and on the morale of all employees. Supplemental exercises and participant interaction will enhance learning.  All participants must attend all four sessions to receive the Supervisory Training Certificate. Sessions will be available by video conference to Dallas and Houston campuses. You must register to attend.   All sessions are on Thursdays from 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

Sessions Location Information
Session 1: 4/7/2016
Hiring Process

Myrna Flores, Manager of Recruitment
Rhonda Redfearn, Sr. HR Generalist

Denton: MCL 501

Houston: IHSH 6305

Dallas: IHSD 8201

You will learn powerful interviewing techniques for staff positions.  Included are questions that can and cannot be asked of applicants, how to advertise job requirements without adversely impacting protected class groups, how to review job applications, and tips for conducting the interview and rating the applicant.
Hiring and Employment Related Concerns  

Tony Yardley, SPHR
Manager of Institutional Equity

  Challenged with the balancing the responsibility of protecting the organization and employee rights, supervisors will learn the key employment related laws that affect equitable treatment in the workplace. 
Session 2: 4/14/2016
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Update

Estela Long, Manager of HR Compensation

Denton:  MCL 501

Houston: IHSH 6305

Dallas: IHSD 8201

The Department of Labor is proposing new overtime rules changing the minimum salary level for overtime exemption from $23,660 to $50,440.  Learn the current FLSA Regulations and the Proposed.
Managing the Timecard Approval Process

Amanda Noday, CPP,  Manager of Payroll

  Did you know a staff timecard may be approved through email?  Are you rejecting timecards back to your employees when corrections are needed?  In this session, supervisors will be provided with a review of the most commonly required information for the purpose of approving timecards.   You will be able to better manage the timecard approval process with confidence!
Session 3: 4/21/2016
Affordable Care Act

Angela Cagle, PHR

Manager of Benefits

Denton: MCL 501

Houston: IHSH 6305

Dallas: IHSD 8201


An explanation of the employer mandated regulations under the Affordable Care Act and the possible impact to your hourly employees’ benefits eligibility, as well as your budget. Learn how to effectively monitor and track hours worked by potentially affected employees.
Worker’s Compensation & FMLA

Lisa Taylor, Sr. HR Generalist

  FMLA -Ensure compliance with Family Medical Leave Act through knowing when to report possible medical leaves, filing of proper forms, and partnering with the Office of Human Resources on administration of leave balances and return to work. Learn and understand who is eligible, what situations are protected, and possible pitfalls.

Workers’ Compensation –Ensure compliance with the State Office of Risk Management by knowing the timeline of required actions. Learn and understand required paperwork, when/where to seek treatment, and return to work program.

Session 4: 4/28/2016

Progressive Discipline & Corrective Action 
Bob Mabry, Assistant Director, Employee Relations, Title IX Coordinator

Denton: MCL 501

Houston: IHSH 6305

Dallas: IHSD 8201

Included in this session are standards of conduct, progressive discipline and corrective action.  Supervisors will learn how to establish and maintain an effective, efficient, and orderly work force of employees under their charge. Also covered is the importance of documentation, who, what, when, and how.
Title IX

Tawny Alonzo, Title IX Investigator

  Learn about your role as a responsible employee under Title IX as well as gain an understanding of the ever-changing legal landscape of Title IX in higher education. We will explore topics such as the role of the Office of Civil Rights, investigative procedures, and current events in Title IX.

Please click on class to register.  For more information please contact,   Melissa Ozuna, Manager of Employee Development & Communications mozuna@mail.twu.edu


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