Staff Council Spotlight: Brittney Roberts

broberts4Staff Council welcomes Brittney Roberts to the Spotlight for April 2016. Brittney has worked at TWU since 2012. She started in Admissions before transferring to the library to pursue her career in librarianship.

Brittney is currently a Cataloging Assistant at the Blagg-Huey Library. She receives all print items new and donated and then catalogs them so TWU students and employees can more easily locate them. Brittney diligently repairs items damaged over time. She takes great pride in her work and assists the Director of Technical and Access services, keeping the catalog clean and the format consistent. This task includes a lot of experimentation and research.

Brittney says she is inspired by Texas Woman’s University’s commitment to being a university that serves primarily women. Cataloging the Woman’s Collection in the library has taught her the many amazing things numerous women have accomplished, often during the most trying times in America. She is very proud that the library and TWU work so hard to capture women’s history and celebrates their many achievements.

Brittney joined Staff Council in September 2015. She loves being involved with the Council as it learns the pressing issues and seeks positive workable solutions on behalf of all TWU staff. Brittney finds it very refreshing, as it is so easy to feel isolated with her busy job at the library. Being on Staff Council gives Brittney joy as she can share the issues addressed and the progress made with her colleagues at the library.



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