Updates from the Staff Council President

Wrapping up the Spring semester, a sense of flurry and excitement fills the air. The weather is beautiful and inviting while, at TWU, we spend some time reflecting on achievement and tradition as we celebration Homecoming. Staff Council is honored to be part of two new changes this year, the beginning of the new tradition Pioneers Remembered and the revision of Honors Convocation.  In addition, we will round out the month of April with one of our favorite celebrations, the Pioneer Proud Awards.

As part of Honors Convocation and Pioneer Proud, we asked for examples of staff excellence that we could share with the university. We received so many! So many, in fact, that we have decided to focus the month of May on Staff Excellence. Please help us remind our peers how much we appreciate their on-going efforts and professional examples. Over the last several weeks, it has been humbling to read so many outstanding examples of community building, operational efficiency and passion. If you have a story to share about a co-worker, please let us know!

Michelle Kelly Reeves


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