First TWU Staff Development Grant Awardees

TWU Staff Council is excited to announce the first recipients of the new TWU Staff Development Grant program!

Babak AbouzarBabak Abouzar
Head Soccer Coach, Athletics

Babak will utilize his grant award to attend the upcoming “What Drives Winning” conference on June 16, 2016 in St. Louis, MO.

“I anticipate learning new skills that will better help me relate to the ever-changing young adults that we serve. By listening to highly successful coaches I can take things that they’ve done and tailor them to my team that will not necessarily help us win games but focus on the person as a whole where winning will be a byproduct of building character-driven students.”

Carolyn BeckerCarolyn Becker
Education Abroad Specialist, Education Abroad

Carolyn will utilize her grant award to purchase a copy of Rosetta Stone Spanish software.

“TWU is a Hispanic serving institution. The nature of the Education Abroad Specialist position involves providing comprehensive advisement to current and prospective students, including families, regarding opportunities abroad. This includes active participation in recruiting events and orientations. Learning a second language will enhance the effectiveness of the Education Abroad Programs department.”

Anita BraddockAnita Y. Braddock
Academic Program Coordinator, School of Management

Anita will utilize her grant award to join the American Marketing Association and DFW local chapter.

“Working in an educational organization-serving students, alumni and faculty, I draw from resources to move our department and University forward. We need growth, but in a smart way, eliminating guesswork. I feel a membership through AMA DFW is part of the solution to enhance my performance in a professional manner.”

Karen Long-TrailKaren Long-Trail
Coordinator Admissions / Financial Aid

Karen will utilize her grant award to take courses for financial aid administrator credentialing through the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA).

“National certifications will provide benchmarks for the department, enhance compliance efforts, provide a road maps as part of strategic planning to demonstrate due diligence with university, state, and federal funds.”

Elizabeth MacDonaldElizabeth MacDonald
Coordinator of Student Employment, Career Services

Elizabeth will utilize her grant award to attend a Career Development Facilitator Training program developed by the National Career Development Association (NCDA).

“The TWU Career Services Department is changing to a new operational model… The training aligns with the new direction that the department is undertaking to engage TWU students in professional career development for future impact in a global workforce.”

Maria MorroquinMaria Marroquin
Staff Auditor, Office of Internal Audits

Maria will utilize her grant award to attend a self-study, self-paced, online CPA Review Course.

“The primary outcomes and products anticipated from taking this CPA Review Course are an advanced auditing and accounting skill set, enhanced internal auditing performance in TWU, and eventually a new certification (CPA) to increase the Office of Internal Audits’ collective skill set.”

Jeannie RickeJeannie Rickey
Director, Admissions Processing

Jeannie will utilize her grant award to purchase textbooks to support her pursuit of a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership.

“My role… includes influencing policy change that affect the most important constituents on our campus, the applicants and students. I am responsible for the stewardship of all Texas Woman’s University’s admission policies and practices, with the exception of recruiting. My position allows me to use the Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership learning every day to influence the care of our applicants and students via policies and practices.”

Congratulations and thanks to these amazing TWU staff members for their continued dedication to personal professional development in support of our TWU community!

Keep an eye out for the next opportunity to apply coming soon…


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