Fall 2017 TWU Staff Development Grant Awardees

Cheryl Holcombe

Holcombe 100

Coordinator- Enrollment Services, Registrar’s Office

Cheryl will utilize her grant award to attend the Texas Association of Student Financial Aid Administration (TASFAA) – New Aid Officers Workshop.

“[This workshop] will allow me to assist our students and faculty in a fuller capacity when addressing withdrawals, dropping of courses, reimbursements and loss of financial aid. It aids in understanding the adverse effect [losing aid] could have on the student financially, which will have a direct positive impact on the University.”

Rachelle Land

Land 100Director of Transfer & Compliance, Office of Undergraduate Studies & Academic Partnerships

Rachelle will utilize her grant award to attend the National College Testing Association (NCTA) annual conference.

“TWU currently offers testing opportunities in various forms. The NCTA provides members numerous opportunities for networking, access to resources, and professional development. As the University continues to grow, this membership would prove itself beneficial to students and the community.”

Melissa Rodriguez

Rodriguez-MelissaAssistant Director, Admissions

Melissa is working with a group on the Houston campus to host a workshop for Houston staff members. She will utilize her grant award to purchase work-life-balance planners to share with staff who attend the workshop.

“Work-life-balance is the key for a healthy happy employee and is not the easiest skill to acquire… One who is able to balance several work responsibilities while still being able to balance their home life in a successful way is a positive resource for the individual’s department as well as the university.”

 Brittanie Romine

Brittanie 100Assistant Director, CARE

Brittanie will utilize her grant award to attend a Microsoft Excel workshop designed to help master the fundamentals and become an expert of the Excel program.

“Through successful completion of these courses, I will be able to navigate excel, manage office budget, use spreadsheets for projects, learn how to input formulas, and expand others knowledge with Excel.”

 Melanie Baker

Baker 100Business Manager, CARE

Melanie will utilize her grant award to attend a Microsoft Excel workshop designed to help master the fundamentals and become an expert of the Excel program.

“This workshop will allow me to grow professionally by providing an increased knowledge of shortcuts, error reduction tricks, and analyzing data. Gaining proficiency will grant me the ability to manage events more effectively, and be more organized with programming budgets.”

Sarah Matteson

Matteson 100Campus and Community Liaison, CARE

Sarah will utilize her grant award to attend a Microsoft Excel workshop designed to help master the fundamentals and become an expert of the Excel program.

“The increased knowledge of Excel will allow me to better track students, reports, and resources. Attending this workshop will contribute to CARE’s imperative of educating students on financial well-being.”


First TWU Staff Development Grant Awardees

TWU Staff Council is excited to announce the first recipients of the new TWU Staff Development Grant program!

Babak AbouzarBabak Abouzar
Head Soccer Coach, Athletics

Babak will utilize his grant award to attend the upcoming “What Drives Winning” conference on June 16, 2016 in St. Louis, MO.

“I anticipate learning new skills that will better help me relate to the ever-changing young adults that we serve. By listening to highly successful coaches I can take things that they’ve done and tailor them to my team that will not necessarily help us win games but focus on the person as a whole where winning will be a byproduct of building character-driven students.”

Carolyn BeckerCarolyn Becker
Education Abroad Specialist, Education Abroad

Carolyn will utilize her grant award to purchase a copy of Rosetta Stone Spanish software.

“TWU is a Hispanic serving institution. The nature of the Education Abroad Specialist position involves providing comprehensive advisement to current and prospective students, including families, regarding opportunities abroad. This includes active participation in recruiting events and orientations. Learning a second language will enhance the effectiveness of the Education Abroad Programs department.”

Anita BraddockAnita Y. Braddock
Academic Program Coordinator, School of Management

Anita will utilize her grant award to join the American Marketing Association and DFW local chapter.

“Working in an educational organization-serving students, alumni and faculty, I draw from resources to move our department and University forward. We need growth, but in a smart way, eliminating guesswork. I feel a membership through AMA DFW is part of the solution to enhance my performance in a professional manner.”

Karen Long-TrailKaren Long-Trail
Coordinator Admissions / Financial Aid

Karen will utilize her grant award to take courses for financial aid administrator credentialing through the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA).

“National certifications will provide benchmarks for the department, enhance compliance efforts, provide a road maps as part of strategic planning to demonstrate due diligence with university, state, and federal funds.”

Elizabeth MacDonaldElizabeth MacDonald
Coordinator of Student Employment, Career Services

Elizabeth will utilize her grant award to attend a Career Development Facilitator Training program developed by the National Career Development Association (NCDA).

“The TWU Career Services Department is changing to a new operational model… The training aligns with the new direction that the department is undertaking to engage TWU students in professional career development for future impact in a global workforce.”

Maria MorroquinMaria Marroquin
Staff Auditor, Office of Internal Audits

Maria will utilize her grant award to attend a self-study, self-paced, online CPA Review Course.

“The primary outcomes and products anticipated from taking this CPA Review Course are an advanced auditing and accounting skill set, enhanced internal auditing performance in TWU, and eventually a new certification (CPA) to increase the Office of Internal Audits’ collective skill set.”

Jeannie RickeJeannie Rickey
Director, Admissions Processing

Jeannie will utilize her grant award to purchase textbooks to support her pursuit of a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership.

“My role… includes influencing policy change that affect the most important constituents on our campus, the applicants and students. I am responsible for the stewardship of all Texas Woman’s University’s admission policies and practices, with the exception of recruiting. My position allows me to use the Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership learning every day to influence the care of our applicants and students via policies and practices.”

Congratulations and thanks to these amazing TWU staff members for their continued dedication to personal professional development in support of our TWU community!

Keep an eye out for the next opportunity to apply coming soon…

Staff Council Spotlight: Brittney Roberts

broberts4Staff Council welcomes Brittney Roberts to the Spotlight for April 2016. Brittney has worked at TWU since 2012. She started in Admissions before transferring to the library to pursue her career in librarianship.

Brittney is currently a Cataloging Assistant at the Blagg-Huey Library. She receives all print items new and donated and then catalogs them so TWU students and employees can more easily locate them. Brittney diligently repairs items damaged over time. She takes great pride in her work and assists the Director of Technical and Access services, keeping the catalog clean and the format consistent. This task includes a lot of experimentation and research.

Brittney says she is inspired by Texas Woman’s University’s commitment to being a university that serves primarily women. Cataloging the Woman’s Collection in the library has taught her the many amazing things numerous women have accomplished, often during the most trying times in America. She is very proud that the library and TWU work so hard to capture women’s history and celebrates their many achievements.

Brittney joined Staff Council in September 2015. She loves being involved with the Council as it learns the pressing issues and seeks positive workable solutions on behalf of all TWU staff. Brittney finds it very refreshing, as it is so easy to feel isolated with her busy job at the library. Being on Staff Council gives Brittney joy as she can share the issues addressed and the progress made with her colleagues at the library.


Staff Spotlight: Christina Williams

Chris WilliamsStaff Council is proud to spotlight Christina Williams! She  has worked for TWU for 16 years and held seven different positions within the Facilities Management & Construction department during that time. She is currently the Manager of Facilities Business & Support Services, a role in which she oversees University fleet management, as well as internal departmental functions including personnel management, budgeting, procurement, technology, and student employment. She also serves as liaison and departmental representative on committees and is responsible for executive reporting to TWU Administration and various agencies.

As an employee in Facilities Management & Construction, Christina has had the opportunity to get every type of call imaginable. One of her favorite memories is a call received from a staff member more than  a decade ago. The staff person wanted to know who was responsible for cleaning the turtles in the Texas Pond, as several of the turtles seemed to have fungus growing on their shells. Christina was rendered speechless for a moment (a rarity she claims!) and had to stifle laughter while explaining to the caller that, though  occasionally they relocate some of the wildlife on campus, they are not responsible for their care.

Christina attended TWU as a student and says she has loved watching the university grow over the years. In particular, she appreciates the opportunity to be a part of TWU’s family-oriented community.

Christina has served as a Staff Council member for approximately six months and was previously on the Council from 2007 – 2009. She loves the opportunity to work with staff members throughout the university and to hear their ideas and recommendations for improvements. Christina adds that she especially loves working on issues “that might be improved upon to ensure that TWU is a leader with regard to employment.”

Furthermore, Christina’s passion in life is spending time with her large and boisterous family. She is married, is the mother of two beautiful and creative young women, and is a grandmother to two rambunctious toddlers. Photography has always been a passion of Christina’s and she admits to relentlessly taking photographs of her grandchildren, her new favorite subjects.

Staff Spotlight: Roland Love

Untitled design (21).pngRoland Love, TWU Houston Campus DPS Guard Supervisor, began at TWU in 2001. When asked what he enjoyed most about working at TWU, Roland quickly responded, “In our profession, whether it is security or law enforcement, image is perception. So, not only are we here to protect and serve, but we are also able to influence and persuade people in a positive way. Words cannot explain the smiles and appreciations we get during graduation from students, faculty and staff.”

This is Roland’s third year on TWU Staff Council and he enjoys addressing both staff and TWU issues. Roland’s position requires that he be a problem solver…he is also a difference maker! That is how Roland sees Staff Council, too. He is proud to be part of a group of staff willing to take a stand, tackle tough issues and attempt to make TWU the best university in the country! He loves the continuous challenges that Staff Council embraces on behalf of staff and TWU.

A fun memory Roland has is at graduation when a student was escorted by her seeing-eye-dog. Every time Dr. Stuart would begin to speak, the dog would bark. He remembers the laughter and smiles that day.  And while Roland enjoys those moments of fun and laughter, he remains prepared for more serious issues. Some of his training includes Baton, CPR, Shot-gun and Conscious Choking. These (and other) trainings allow Roland to respond in emergency situations, such as when he saved a choking victim at a birthday party.

Roland’s hobbies include reading about history, science and religion. He loves all sports, playing chess and riding his bike. Roland’s greatest passion is truth: telling the truth and seeking it.

Thank you, Roland, for your service on Staff Council and at TWU!

Staff Spotlight: Michelle Kelly Reeves

MichelleCMYKMichelle Reeves embarked upon her career with TWU 17 years ago. She recently started a new position with the Office of Civility and Community Standards within the Division of Student Life as the Associate Director and Investigator. Michelle’s responsibilities include:

  • Creating and maintaining a fair and equitable process for students going through Code of Conduct and Title IX investigations
  • Serving as an investigator or representative of TWU in Code of Conduct hearings
  • Serving as an advisor for staff and faculty with student code of conduct issues
  • Building programming that represents what it means to be part of the TWU community, including Pioneers Remembered, Pay it Forward, Live and Learn, developing a TWU ethics code, building TWU traditions, and more
  • Building a student-led ambassador, QEP-based team to help communicate these services and ethics to other students
  • Increasing student awareness regarding services that provide assistance to them, including our TWU Student Legal Services program
  • Developing a TWU mediation program

Michelle loves working in an atmosphere that rewards creative thinking and aspires to make a real difference in the lives of TWU students! She is proud of the staff she has worked with throughout her years at TWU because, as Michelle says, “They genuinely care for students and each other in the consistent, excellent service they provide on a daily basis!”

Michelle has served the TWU Staff Council for 4 years and is currently serving as President. She hopes with the assistance and dedication of her council members to make a lasting positive impact on the lives of all TWU staff.  Michelle is very grateful that Staff Council offers her the opportunity to meet many others in a wide range of fields and departments. Such opportunities confirm to Michelle that TWU staff’s spirit of caring and excellence is seen on multiple levels.

Staff Spotlight: Ashley Spinozzi

Ashley Spinozzi - HeadshotAshley Spinozzi began her career at TWU 4 years ago as the Dallas Nursing Admissions Coordinator. She was soon chosen as the Dallas Campus Manager and recently promoted to Director of Marketing and Communications of the Dallas Campus. In this role, Ashley collaborates locally and regionally as a public relations specialist; spotlights accomplishments of students, faculty and staff; maintains and builds relationships with Media and manages multiple media sites.

Ashley loves TWU’s commitment of collaboration and service. “I feel as if this shines through everything we accomplish at TWU.  I’m constantly seeing faculty, staff, students, and alumni going above and beyond the call of duty, and it pushes me to be my absolute best every day,” she says.  Ashley is encouraged by  and highly motivated to be an active part of the service and community oriented family at TWU.

Ashley was elected to Staff Council this year and is very excited to be more involved with its mission and goals. She loves the spirit of the Staff Council mission and members, and feels deeply honored to be a part of the team.