Election Process

Please vote for your TWU Staff Council Representatives by Wednesday, July 19, 2017!

Staff Colleagues,

It is time to elect your colleagues to fill vacant seats in the TWU Staff Council!  The Staff Council representatives you elect will help shape and guide the future of your everyday work-life by collaborating with University leadership on the vision for the University and the development of new initiatives and programs.  Your vote is important!

We will be conducting Elections in the following EEOCs:

7 – Other Professionals
8 – Technical/Paraprofessional
Houston – At Large
*Nominees from the other EEOCs will automatically fill the vacant seats as they run unchallenged.

Only eligible staff in EEOCs 7, 8, and Houston will receive an automated email from BallotBin.com to cast their vote*.  Please click on the link in the email you receive when you are ready to vote.  You can only access this link one time to complete the anonymous online ballot for your corresponding EEOC group.  This is a ranked vote, so please place the nominees in the order of your representation preference by clicking the up and down arrows next to each candidate.  Be careful not to click the “X” next to an individual, unless you wish to completely remove a candidate from consideration. Don’t forget to hit the “Click here to submit this ballot” button at the end of the candidate list to submit your vote.  Your newly elected representatives will be announced the end of July!

If you have any questions about this election process, please contact Scott Martin at smartin4@twu.edu.

Representation Breakdown

(Updated 6/15/17 based on changes in representative EEOC and reporting criteria)

EEOC Employees Represented Council Seats Filled Open
5 – Directors and above 31 1 1 0
7 – Other Professionals 311 11 10 1
8 – Technical/Paraprofessional 61 2 0 2
9 – Clerical/Secretarial 185 6 0 6
10 – Skilled Crafts 39 2 1 1
11 – Service/Maintenance 97 3 0 3
At Large 45 2 1 1
At Large 52 2 1 1
TOTAL 29 14 15

Important 2017 Elections Dates

Nominations Due Monday, June 5
Deadline to Accept Nomination Thursday, June 15
Deadline for Candidates to Submit
Friday, June 23
Voting Thursday, July 6  – Wednesday, July 19

Staff Council Duties and Responsibilities

The three main responsibilities Staff Council representatives are:

  • Communication with Constituents: The Staff Council representative’s role is to act as a voice for their constituents’ concerns and needs, provide information about opportunities for personal and professional development, promote ways to become more involved in TWU initiatives, and facilitate communication and discussion of university policies which affect staff members.
  • Service on a Committee: The work of Staff Council is accomplished through committees. Elected members are required to serve on one standing committee, but are free to serve on additional committees. The standing committees include Professional Development, Service, Communications, Recognition and Rewards, and Membership.
  • Attendance at Meetings: Staff Council meets on the second Thursday of each month at 10 a.m. By attending these meetings, staff representatives remain informed about issues affecting their constituents and act as their EEOC’s representative voice.