Election Results

ballot-boxThe election results for the open seats on the TWU Staff Council 2017-2020 term are in. Below are your newly elected staff representatives along with their campaign statements.  Please feel free to congratulate and thank these dedicated TWU employees for their service to our community!  These newly elected Staff Council members will begin their EEOC representative roll at the September General Staff Council Meeting.

For a complete list of all representatives and contact information, please visit our Members page.

The TWU Staff Council has recently approved the creation of Alternate positions for each EEOC in response to the fact that employee turnover is an unavoidable part of our work-life.  These Alternate positions ensure continuity of equal representation in the EEOCs whenever someone departs our Council before the end of their 3 year term.  Alternates have been defined as:

“Alternates shall be designated following the general election and seating of newly elected representatives.  Alternates in each EEO Classification will be appointed according to the greatest number or ranking of votes in the general election (i.e. “first alternate,” “second alternate,” etc.)  Alternates may participate actively in the Staff Council meetings and on committees, but shall not have voting privileges. Alternates from previous years will receive higher ranking over newly elected alternates. Should a standing Staff Council Representative depart before the end of their term, the first alternate having the same EEO Classification as the departing representative shall immediately, or on the date specified in the resignation notice, become a full member for the remainder of his/her 3 year term except if a EEO Classification imbalance exists or will be created between voting members. In this case, an alternate of a different classification will be appointed as a voting member, as correction of the classification imbalance has greater priority than replacement of the voting member by an alternate of the same classification. In the event there is not an alternate of the same EEO Classification, the first alternate of the closest similar EEO Classification who indicated their willingness to be an ‘At Large’ representative shall be considered…”

Alternate roles also allow for expanded employee participation in Staff Council and are considered equally important in ensuring as many voices as possible are heard and perspectives considered in deliberations while ensuring continuity of the EEOC representation.

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9 – Clerical/Secretarial
10 – Skilled Crafts
11 – Service/Maintenance
Dallas – At Large
Houston – At Large

Other Professional

Amber GeldersmaAmber Geldersma
Occupational Therapy Admissions

“My interest in becoming a representative on Staff Council was solidified after attending the most recent meeting and learning of the individual contributions Staff Council makes throughout the University. I’ve worked in The School of Occupational Therapy for five years. As a staff member who has recently been promoted into a new role within the organization, I have experienced a disconnect in procedural process between some of the departments and have not found many opportunities for procedural training. I would love to work with Staff Council on providing a mechanism to detail procedural processes and work with departments to offer training on their departmental procedures. After spending my corporate years in Human Resources and serving on Benefits and Compensation committees, I have always had a passion for ensuring fair and equitable pay for performance. I would welcome the opportunity to contribute on a committee that evaluates the current compensation structure within TWU. If I’m not chosen as a representative on Staff Council, I will continue to seek out volunteer opportunities within TWU. ”

Matthew MooreMatthew Moore
Office of Technology

“My name is Matthew Moore and you likely have seen me in a TWU conference room, classroom, or running across our beautiful campus. As a member of the Office of Technology Team, I strive to ensure the TWU campus continues to be a shining example of modernized technology in higher education. My position requires a commitment to excellence, service minded values, and a goal oriented mindset that continually exceeds performance expectations. The same passion I have for my job here at the TWU campus is exactly what I will bring to a position within the Staff Council. My commitment to serve is the motivation I have in running for a Staff Council position. I am eager for an opportunity to represent TWU staff, be an advocate for my Pioneer colleagues, and continue efforts to promote a positive work environment across campus. On campus and within our community I am someone you can depend on, and as a council member, you too can rest assure I will perform all duties required of the position. I consider the opportunity to serve on the TWU Staff Council very honorable and with your support I look forward to exceeding your expectations.”

Raquel Clewis (1st Alternate)Raquel Clewis
Office of Technology

“It has been an honor being a member of Staff Council for the past 4yrs. I would love the opportunity to continue to serve another term. My passion for success and to make a difference pushes me to accomplish any set tasks. In all that I do, I would strive to do my best, and I feel that my previous work experience proves that. I enjoy volunteering when needed. I believe that being an active team player can make all the difference for our staff. I would like the opportunity to make the Service Committee more proactive in our TWU community by creating and accomplishing fresh ideas. Thank you for your time.”

Robin Shawn (2nd Alternate)Robin Shawn
Pioneer Center for Student Excellence

“I have had the pleasure of working at TWU for 7 ½ years. My journey began in Admissions Processing entering applications and then transitioned to the position of an Evaluator calculating GPAs. After three years I moved to the Office of Student Support in the College of Professional Education as an Academic Advisor. Building relationships with students from the beginning of their TWU career all the way to their graduation brought so much joy and pride to my job. I treasured seeing those students accomplish their goals. After I was an Academic Advisor for three years I became the Coordinator of Academic Advising for the College of Professional Education through the Pioneer Center for Student Excellence. I still am able to see some of my students from time to time, but I work more closely with the advisors in the College of Professional Education. We focus on professional development and I act as their liaison to the Pioneer Center of Student Excellence, where advising initiatives originate. Performing the duties of Staff Council would mirror my duties of my current position. If I were elected as a member of Staff Council it would be a pleasure to act as a voice for my fellow colleagues and ensure opportunities for growth.”

Amanda M. Hinson-Enslin (3rd Alternate)Amanda Hinson-Enslin
Teaching & Learning with Technology

“I, Amanda Hinson-Enslin, am an alumna, student, and staff member of Texas Woman’s University. I attended TWU for a bachelor’s degree and returned to complete a doctorate. As an instructional designer II at the Office of Teaching and Learning with Technology a former Student Assistant, former Graduate Teaching Assistant, current (and former) student, and adjunct faculty member, I am well rounded in TWU experience. I am interested in joining Staff Council to enhance and build a better TWU not only for the staff but for faculty, students, and community. When becoming a member of Staff Council, I will serve on committees in an effort to enhance the employment experience of staff at TWU; promote Staff Council to other staff members; assist in organizing and participate in fundraising and service events to fund Staff Council and opportunities to enrich TWU.”

Jo Ann Reeves (4th Alternate)Jo Ann Reeves
Disability Support Services

“I am passionate about seeing TWU continue to develop our students into confindent leaders, innovators, and problem-solvers: pioneering women and men with a heart. TWU students become citizens of the world who value understanding and empathy for others as well as their own success. The best way to achieve these goals for our students is to have an environment with faculty and staff that share, demonstrate and promote these values. These are definitely my values, and I would be honored to be a part of Staff Council in an effort to foster the Pioneer Spirit of TWU.”

Mike Elias (5th Alternate)Mike Elias
Psychology and Philosophy

“I started at TWU in 1995 in the Financial Aid office. I have been working with students ever since. I was part of the original Student Advising Center and then was a college advisor for COPE and am presently a departmental advisor for the Psychology and Philosophy Department. If I elected, I will simply call them as I see them from the perspective of a staff member who has 22 years of service at TWU. I would hope to be a reasonable voice in a place where ideas and knowledge are central and the business of higher education try to live a peaceful coexistence.”

Holly Harris (6th Alternate)
Human Resources

“It would be an honor to represent my work community here at TWU. I believe with my range of experiences and a common-sense approach, I can give back to the TWU family. I am willing to attend the meetings as required, and to volunteer for committees, wherever I may be needed.”

John Paul (J.P.) Williams (7th Alternate)John Williams
Office of Technology

“This is an opertunity to represent the people that I work with on a daily basis to the University at large. I know that there are other representatives in the same group but a new perspective is always good.”

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Jacob Ervin Jacob Ervin
Office of Technology

“I have been working at TWU for almost 6 years now (how time flies!) and look forward to continuing my career in technology here for a long time. My wife, Carla, and I live about one mile from TWU on the other side of the golf course from campus. We are about to celebrate our 1 year anniversary and are getting a new puppy soon named Milo. One of the great things about working for TWU is knowing that the work I do has an immediate and tangible benefit to the people I help every day. I know most everyone here feels the same way and that is why I think we can always work together and find new ways to make TWU a better place to work. To that end, I have some ideas about things I can do to be effective on the staff council, including: post regular updates on Staff Council through TeamDynamix and possibly other social media, reach out to everyone individually from time to time and get your thoughts and opinions, and continually present new ideas for consideration to the council. It seems to me there are some things TWU already offers, like the Pioneer Assistance Scholarship, that staff may not be aware of or lose track of in the daily deluge of information we get. I am especially interested in serving on the Communication committee to help find ways to make things like this more accessible for staff. I look forward to possibly representing you on the Staff Council and am grateful that TWU offers this forum for staff to participate in.”

Kristina PapaKristina Papa

“It is my honor to have been nominated to serve as a part of the TWU Staff Council. My passion for TWU truly shows within my work, my investment here as a student, and in my leadership role with our student organization, Pioneer Ambassadors. I have many hats here at TWU and with each one, I make sure to show all of my hard work and dedication to this institution. Within my role as Project Coordinator, I have been able to increase registrations for our on-campus events by 2% versus the previous years. Our largest event, Pioneer Preview Day, held in February, had almost 1000 guests coming to campus (as opposed to 500 in 2016). As a student, I am currently seeking my PhD in Family Studies at TWU. Among my studies, I am a part of a mentoring program in which I assist with research analysis, and preparing myself for the beginning stages of tenure track once I graduate. In my role as Pioneer Ambassador Advisor, I have given our students the tools necessary to grow and become stronger than the past years. In result, not only were they nominated for Outstanding Organization of the Year, but I as well have been nominated for Outstanding Advisor of the Year. I want to showcase to all that being a part of Staff Council will assist me in being a better liaison for our staff members on campus. In having the passion that I do for my students (both inside and outside of the classroom), I want to have the same for our staff members on and off campus as well. What better way to do so than by being a part of a great team.”

Keith Brown (1st Alternate)Keith Brown
College of Arts and Sciences Advising

“I’d like to serve on Staff Council so I can better learn the inner workings of the campus and its other departments so that I may in turn be an agent of change as TWU moves forward enacting its Strategic Plan. As a representative I believe I would bring not only an eagerness to explore and learn the campus’ needs but new ideas and a point of view to tackle those needs. I hope to be a productive member of Staff Council through collaboration and team work as we work with the University Leadership to move the campus forward together.”

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Denise DurranceDenise Durrance
College of Nursing

“I am Denise Durrance, the Assistant to the Dean for the College of Nursing and I am interested in serving as a member of the Staff Council. With over twenty years of service as a staff member at TWU, three years with Facilities Management and twenty years in the College of Nursing, I have been involved in many activities at TWU, from helping with commencements, convocation, student move-in day, and serving as SECC torchbearer for the Denton campus. I have seen many changes over the years, most for the better, and would now like to help be a facilitator for future changes for staff and the university as a whole. In my role as Assistant to the Dean, I have contact with many of the staff in our college on all three campuses, and deal with staff members in other departments across campus and hear a great deal of comments on campus occurrences. I serve as a liaison between faculty, staff, students and administrators. I enjoy organizing and assisting on university and college events and frequently serve as a leader on projects within our department. I have a good working relationship with my fellow staff members and faculty and often am the first contact for others on campus. I would love the opportunity to get more involved with one of the Staff Council committees and provide input on policy ideas and work environment improvements. I hope you will consider me as a representative and active participant on our staff council.”

Lisa Marlene GrimaldoLisa Grimaldo
English, Speech, & Foreign Languages

“I would love to give back to TWU by representing the clerical/secretarial staff. My third anniversary of working at TWU will be this August. I am an administrative assistant in the Department of English, Speech, and Foreign Languages (ESFL.) I welcome the opportunity to interact with you, fellow clerical/secretarial staff, by polling and reporting to council and/or council committee. I am very interested in serving on the professional development committee to seek opportunities that will help us reach our full potential. Thank you for your consideration.”

Gail OrlandoGail Orlando
College of Arts & Sciences

“I have been with Texas Woman’s University for 11 years, the first 9 in the Department of Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies and the last two in the Dean’s Office of the College of Arts and Sciences. I have served on Staff Council in the past and was on the committee that got the policy for extra time for exercise passed again. I feel I would be a good representative as I care about our staff and am always open to concerns, opinions, ideas, and suggestions of our staff. Within the College of Arts and Sciences I try to be a voice for our staff in training needs or anything else that has been brought to my attention. I believe all staff have important contributions to the mission and vision of the University as we interact with students on a daily basis. We as staff can and should have strong involvement in the strategic imperatives. If elected on Staff Council, I will bring my best to the team.”

Zulejha OsmaniZulejha Osmani
Teacher Education

“It would be a great honor to serve on Staff Council. As an alumna of this great institution, I would like to give back to the TWU community. As a student leader, I had the opportunity to work with so many amazing staff members and I have taken everything I learned from them and implemented to my work. In the 10 months I have been here as a staff member, I have made it my mission this past year to get involved and get to know the staff. I have attended workshops and seminars to enhance my knowledge, not only on my job responsibilities but on different TWU policies and procedures. By serving on Staff council, I hope to be a voice for the clerical/administrative staff.”

Vickie SilvaVickie Silva

“In my role as buyer for TWU libraries, I purchase materials and resources that advance scholarly inquiry and the academic success of our students and faculty.  Prior to joining TWU libraries in 2014, I worked at public libraries in Texas and Oklahoma.  In addition to libraries, I have worked for several corporations in DFW and enjoyed success in procurement, financial management, product management, quality improvement initiatives, operations, training, technical user groups, customer satisfaction programs, event management, marketing, project management, data management, and executive administration.  I believe that classified staff does have a voice, that our managers and leaders care about, and that by working together we can make a difference.  Being on Staff Council is an opportunity to support all staff and address issues that impact them.  I am grateful for the nomination to serve staff at TWU and look forward to advocating for staff should I be elected.  Staff Council is a great way to serve, represent staff, collaborate, and increase communication on campus.”

Terri WilhiteTerri Wilhite
University Advancement

“I am a business owner, former corporate-America manager, former public school teacher, mother of twin daughters, and I love working at Texas Woman’s University. I began my career with TWU in the fall of 2013 in the University Advancement unit. I met some wonderful people and developed great relationships throughout the university in my capacity as the Assistant Director of Donor Relations. I “unofficially” retired in spring of 2015. The following year, spring 2016, I agreed to work temporarily for Alumni Relations to help coordinate Homecoming events, and that led to coordinating and executing a digitization project. Being back on campus made me realize that I had missed TWU. So, I am back full-time as the Gift Processing Specialist; you know, the person who ensures that the thoughtful and generous donation you make to the University (for which you love working) is properly credited to the fund of your choice, that your IRS tax receipt is mailed, and a myriad of other things in between. I know through my wide range of experiences, that working together through collaboration and sharing of ideas, we can make Texas Woman’s University a place that ALL employees will love to work!”

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Skilled Crafts

Glen Davidson
Facilities Management

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Josefina Ramirez
Manager of Custodial Operations

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EEOC Dallas
At Large

Cynthia AlexanderCynthia Alexander
Occupational Therapy

“After years of working in the state of Texas within several secondary school districts, I have learned to effectively act as a liaison between students, parents, teachers, community and the school administration. My firsthand experience in viewing student needs was in the classroom. These day to day interactions created a passion to be a voice for all students. Understanding the need for additional support, I worked with the administration to provide teachers with necessary resources, such as school supplies, cultural awareness activities and drug education programs. As one of the most visible supporters in the development of fundraising activities, I volunteered at several events. My goal has been to be on the front line servicing others. Being a new employee to TWU, I see things from a different viewpoint and I am thrilled to bring innovative ideas and alternatives to the normal way of doing things. It has been exciting to tackle new job responsibilities, working in a different environment and build new relationships with
those on the Dallas Campus. Logging in the time and digging into this role, I have been able to listen to some general concerns from those on this campus. I see ways to build a bridge between Dallas and Denton with information provided by the Dallas Staff.
If I am elected to Staff Council, I will help to communicate the Dallas Staff concerns and seek improvement for processes to the administration and faculty of Texas woman’s University. I will find ways that administration can provide professional development to staff members that do not always have the ability to attend such events. As a Staff Council member, addressing issues of concern that are unique to Staff and promote the growth and welfare of Staff, contributing to the success of TWU.”

Karen ZapataZapata-Karen

“I am very devoted to TWU Staff Council and to serving TWU and its amazing staff. I have been on several committees and served under some remarkable leaders. I am a dedicated volunteer and team member. I have witnessed the incredible positive changes for staff and the continuous goal to better staff’s careers and opportunities at TWU. I love being a part of such a professional and passionate team and would be very happy to continue my TWU journey serving Staff Council.”

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EEOC Houston
At Large

Jinlan (Iris) DuJinlan (Iris) Du
Office of Technology

“As a Learning Technologist, I’ve been working in the Office of Technology on Houston campus for the past 11 years. I’ve been working with staff closely to provide technical support and technology training. Last year, I joined the Houston Staff Development Committee, and have worked with committee members to successfully plan and implement several events on campus – Holiday Luncheon, Taste of Texas Potluck, Pioneer Proud, and Staff Development week. This past spring semester, I also joined the Staff Council – Professional Development Committee, and helped with grant applications review process. I’m actively involved in our Houston community, and have participated in many events on campus. I’ve built close relationships with Houston staff over the years, so I believe that I can be a good representative to voice their opinions in Staff Council. Since last year, I’ve worked with colleagues from Denton and Dallas to provide technology training sessions to staff on all three campuses. We received very positive feedback from our pilot group of 65 staff last summer. This year, we expanded to all TWU staff and continued offering training sessions to staff on three campuses. I hope to join Staff Council and collaborate with colleagues from other departments to provide professional development opportunity to all staff members. Please consider me for this position. Thanks!”

Sandra Compton-Winbush (1st Alternate)
Central Service/Mailroom

“My name is Sandra Compton-Winbush, I work in the Central Services Department under the supervision of Carlos Da Silva. I have been an employee of Texas Woman’s University for the last 28 years. In those 28 years, 8 years were spent at the Bookstore and 20 years in Central Services. I have previously served on Staff Council and Staff Development Committee. I work and communicate with faculty, staff and students on a daily basis. I would like be on Staff Council to continue my service to TWU Family through learning more from the meetings and communicating it to the campus. I would also be an advocate for the staff to make their concerns known through the meetings. My hope is to assist in the unifying of the Houston and Denton Campuses to work even more effectively together. One of the concerns we have on the Houston Campus is that we are not forgotten and I would be a voice at the table for faculty, staff and students. It would be my pleasure to serve on the Staff Council and I believe I would be a benefit to Staff Council as whole. I am available to assist either campus in accomplishing the mission and vision of Texas Woman’s University. I will attend the meetings whereby the staff on the Houston campus will stay informed about what is going on with TWU as a whole and how the changes will effect us. Communication is very important to me because it aids us with the knowledge of any changes but also the understanding which helps us to move forward together.”

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